Komunikatorjeva beseda...


1-7711a911a9Do you know what communicators mean by “Twitters” or “Troll”? From now on, these and other terms are available in a glossary of the terms most used by communication specialists. Neologisms, curiosities or technical terms are just some examples of what is to be found in a glossary specialised in communication, gathering 1410 terms, in spanish.

“El Comunicario”, was developed by Zimat Consultants and edited by AEditores.  The project was presented on 12T March, in Mexico, and is the result of a joint work of more than 21 specialists in several areas, such as design, marketing, communication, and others.

Due to communication’s living and changing nature, there will always be new concepts or expressions corresponding to new scopes of communication and unveiling the wide variety of practices within this field. Through this glossary, anyone linked to this area of expertise, whether they are students or academics, can find the most frequent words used by communication professionals and the most common meanings.

After seven years of work, the first edition of “El Comunicario” is now available for the public, with two thousand printed copies, that will be distributed for free by Zimat Consultants in several communication centres and universities. There will be also a constantly updated electronic version on the Zimat Consultants webpage, that users can access for free and where they can leave their contributions, comments or suggestions.