Viri za tolma─Źenje ┼ítudentov



Whether you are an interpreting student, you are studying languages or you would like to interpret or translate for Europe, this collection of interpreting resources recently made available by Directorate General for Interpretation (DG SCIC) of the Evropska komisija is an essential tool to achieve your goal! Below you will find an invaluable collection of e-learning tools, including a collection of speeches on language matters, interpreter training resources, online resources, documents on terminology, speech banks, multimedia resources , interpreting blogs and forums.

Take a look and see for yourself what suits you best!

Speech repository

Speech repository is an e-learning tool which contains a collection of speeches organised by language, difficulty level, type of use, and subject.
Access is granted to:

  • – Universities
  • Candidates preparing for an inter-institutional test or an open competition
  • Professional interpreters
  • Other international organisations that train interpreters

Interpreter Training Resources

This┬ápage contains a wide variety of resources to help students acquire the necessary skills to become conference interpreters. Visit the Interpreter Training Resources’ site here.

Online Resources in Conference Interpreter Training (ORCIT)

ORCIT is an EU-funded project producing interactive pedagogic tools for trainers and students of conference interpreting. Lessons are in English, Czech, Greek, Lithuanian and Spanish.

Documents and Terminology

Follow ta povezava to expand your knowledge in terminology and documents that are used in many meetings in EU institutions and members states.

Speech bank

Speech bank is a collection of websites containing political speeches.

Multimedia reference on the history of Europe

Kaj je to? Multimedia reference on the history of Europe has nearly 3,000 sound and video clips available for consulting.

European Union media

The audiovisual portal of the European Commission. Live events are generally covered in the original language plus simultaneous interpretation into all Community languages when available.

Europarl TV, the official web TV of the European Parliament. With four channels in 22 languages, Europarl TV provides live speeches and interpretation.

Live and on-demand streaming from the Council of the European Union.

All online press rooms within the EU institutions are listed here, giving electronic access to press releases, speeches, statements, briefings and other press material.


A blog in German coming to you straight from the interpreting booth. It contains interesting posts on conference interpreting and interpreting on film sets.

A Spanish blog of a conference interpreter working for a European Institution.

A blog by a conference interpreter, who teaches interpreting and is a PhD student in interpreting studies.

A radio blog in Spanish by Department of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Salamanca.

  • The interpreter diaries

A brand-new blog written by a freelance interpreter at the EU institutions and interpreter trainer.

Inspired by language lovers everywhere.

Tips and tricks on how to run a translation and interpreting business.

Dru┼żabna omre┼żja

The official Facebook page of the European Commission’s interpreters.

Follow European Commission interpreters on Twitter

Watch our videos on YouTube


Other websites

The EMCI website provides information on conference interpreting training at postgraduate level provided by a consortium of European universities in collaboration with the Evropska komisijaexternal link in Evropski parlamentexternal link

Information about interpreting, the skills involved, and how to go about pursuing an interpreting career.

Make the most of your time abroad with the latest information, help and advice for students on their year aborad.