5. izdaja ÔÇ×Zakaj je terminologija va┼ía strast?ÔÇť je zdaj na spletu!


TermCoord is delighted to announce the publication of the 5th e-book edition of ÔÇťWhy is terminology your passion?ÔÇŁ, a compilation of interviews with well-known terminologists, translators and linguists conducted by TermCoordÔÇÖs trainees.
The intention of this e-book series is to shed light on the importance of terminology and deliver an impression of this fascinating field.
The interviewed language specialists give an insight into their important work, opinions and interesting projects.

We hope you enjoy the read! Click on the image to access the new edition.

Have you read the previous edition? You can read it here.

You can also find the e-book on the platform of the EU Publication Office here.