Terminology for external translators

IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) pools the terminology resources of the EU institutions and bodies to form the world’s most extensive terminology database. It contains close to 9 million terms in all the EU official languages and covers all areas of EU policy. It is constantly expanded and updated by EU terminologists and translators.
2 TermFolders

They are created for particularly important – and linguistically or terminologically problematic – legislative procedures and packages. They contain a list of key terms on the topic of the procedure, extracted from relevant EP texts and other sources. The terms are prepared in IATE in all languages and the list of terms is posted on the TermCoord websites.

3 EurTerm

This is the communication and collaborative platform of the 13 Institutions, bodies and services managing IATE. It also gives access to the wikis for each EU language enabling language communities to cooperate and share resources in the field of terminology. Here you can find user-friendly instructions for creating an external EU login account giving access to EurTerm.

ICON termcoord.eu

This is TermCoord’s public website. It contains several resources related to IATE and EU terminology as well as the Toolbox used by thousands of translation professionals all over the world (see also links below).

bTerminology Toolbox


EU Glossaries is a collection of 223 multilingual glossaries from the several websites of the European Institutions and Agencies. It offers the possibility to search by term, category and language.


Glossary Links is a search tool giving access to a large and ever-expanding database of glossaries. You can search for specific glossaries and dictionaries by language, category, keyword and provider.


DocHound is a one-stop reference page with links to various document types used in EU institutions or their respective search pages, where translators can find all kinds of reference documents they might need for their translations.


A list of external linguistic websites specialised on terminology related content.


IATE Public provides the possibility to download TBX files filtered by languages and domains. Users can extract subsets of data as follows, using the extraction tool IATExtract.


These widgets give users the ability to see Termcoord’s most widely used tools and websites.


Our search tools provide the resources to reduce time spent searching for terminology.


A list of the EU agencies and their terminology resources.